Annie - She's in the Glow

"I saw my girl Nicky Cayot and she did the works on me right before the wedding. She waxed my bikini and dyed my lashes. She also trimmed and shaped my brows. Another one of her clients is Gisele. Enough said."

Marianna Hewitt - Life with Me

"There is only woman woman in this city who I’ll let touch my eyebrows, and her name is Nicole Cayot. Long the star of Soho’s Benefit location, Cayot recently opened her an in-home eyebrow service. Just shoot her an email, and prepare to be amazed."

Amelia Diamond - Man Repeller

"She changes my face back to the way I like it each time I go. She’s great because she’s patient and won’t do anything crazy. If you were to say, “I want my eyebrows to look clean but not waxed, but I want them waxed,” she’d say, “Okay,” and do exactly what you imagined. I also just genuinely like going there to catch up with her."